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Our approach to treatment is unique. We use a highly effective 'global' musculoskeletal assessment to see how the different parts of your body are working in relation to each other. For example, you may present with pain an the front of you right shoulder, but the cause of it may be coming from less than optimal stability in the left lower back area leading to excessive internal rotation of the the right upper arm, straining one of the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder. Addressing the cause along with the symptomatic presentation leads to a better treatment outcome. Treatments are individualised to address what’s presenting for each patient at each session. Treatment begins by targeting the 3 key areas of structure, postural stabilisation and muscle imbalance.

The 3 key areas of the body that we focus treatment on are:

Structure – alignment of the skeleton, includes functional leg length discrepancies, hips feeling ‘out’, neck feeling out, vertebral restriction

Postural stabilisation – the often-underactive deep system of the body that holds our skeleton in place, allowing the power muscles to operate optimally.Weakness in this area is like using the analogy of ‘firing a canon from a canoe’; there is less than optimal support for the power muscles to work from

Muscle imbalance – the relationship between agonist and antagonist muscle lengths must be balanced for the related joints to function correctly.The needling techniques we utilise are some of the most effective and efficient methods used to reset tight and/or weak muscles

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