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BODYWORX Sports Osteopathy


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The BODYWORX approach to treatment is effective for all people, particularly those with an athletic spirit. These include:

  • People experiencing pain incl. lower back pain, neck pain, headaches / migraines

  • Athletes looking to optimise their recovery and performance

  • Office workers dealing with the postural demands of sitting at a desk for 8+hrs each day

  • People wanting a proactive approach to their health to  reduce stress, feel better, and incorporate a system of healthcare proven over 2000yrs

  • Over the last 15yrs, BODYWORX Sports Osteopathy has been the choice of many of Australia's elite champion powerlifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit and BJJ athletes, entrusting us with their ongoing performance and recovery needs



Patients looking for improved sleep, better digestion, less anxiety and more energy often also receive these benefits due to the inclusion of acupuncture in their BODYWORX Sports Osteopathy treatments.


One of our approaches to health is to identify and treat small issues before they become bigger issues. Most patients find our style of treatment to be an excellent choice for maintaining health and optimising wellbeing ongoing, once their initial complaint is resolved.

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